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OSBA Annual Conference · Nov 6-8 · Seaside, OR

The Fall conference promises to one to remember! For information about the conference, speakers, and sessions head on over to http://osba2014.orsba.org. We are offering the option to register online this year, but you are more than welcome to print the conference registration pdf and mail it in.


What a Success: OSBA State Fair Booth! Thanks from Trevor:

The 2014 Oregon State Fair has come and gone. I would like to thank the members of the Fair and Events Committee for their untiring work throughout the year to make the booth and its contents a reality. I would like to personally thank all the volunteers listed for the unselfish donation of their time and knowledge which clearly defined our presence.

Read the full recap here.


Oregon State Fair Honey Winners

The 2014 Oregon State Fair saw jars and jars of beautiful honey. Congratuations to the 2014 Oregon State Fair Honey Best in Show winners Max Kuhn and Zane Minzlaff (youth).

Get the full list of winners here.


Sudden late-spring colony loss by Dewey M. Caron

There's been a lot of discussion by beekeepers and some discussion by media around the late-spring colony loss in Clackamas County. Get Dr. Dewey Caron's take on the late-spring colony loss that occurred in Sandy/Estacada area of Clackamas County.

In mid-June there was a sudden loss of adult bees in several different apiaries in the Sandy/Estacada area of Clackamas County. In one instance the bees were in a top bar hive, in another a Warré hive and in the other two, bees were in Langstroth hives established on foundation from packages, and/or nuc purchases from different suppliers. The top bar hive was the only hive at the beekeepers residence but in the other 3 instances other hives in the same location did not have similar losses and in fact were doing OK.

Read the entire article here.

Emergency exemption for use of HopGuard II

The EPA has approved our request to amend the FIFRA Section 18 emergency exemption for use of hop beta acids to control Varroa mites in honey bee colonies during 2014 in Oregon. This amendment authorizes use of the new HopGuard formulation, HopGuard II, manufactured by BetaTec Hop Products.


How to Reduce Bee Poisoning from Pesticides

PNW 591

Pacific Northwest Extension Publication PNW 591


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