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Oregon agriculture officials place restrictions on pesticides implicated in Wilsonville.docx

BEE Culture Blog Pesticide Causes Massive Bumble Bee Massacre DMCaron.pdf

From the OSBA Fall 2005 conference. Dr. Spivak's article "A Sustainable Approach of Controlling Honey Bee Diseases and VarroaMites."

William Micharl Hood's article from Bee World, September 2004. Small Hive Beetle

Brenda Kellar presented a historical look at beekeeping in America at the OSBA Fall 2004 Conference. Brenda had olny a limited amount of copies of the article to hand out, so she agreed to allow us to post the article on the website. Thank you, Brenda. It is a very good read. Honey Bees Across America

Dr. James Tew granted us permission to place his article on Disappearing Bee Disease here. The title calls it a disease, however he (Dr. Tew) said it is better described as a malady. This malady comes to the surface every now and this is a great reference article.

Disappearing Disease

From Thom Trusewicz: With the disclaimer stated above, here is the first article of major controversy that I posted in the Clatsop Newsletter in December 2003. Believe it or not I got hate mail over it. The Ways of Winter

From Thom Trusewicz: While doing the "Ask The Beekeeper" feature at osba.org I often share my opinion. I've heard it said that opinions are like a certain part of the human anatomy, everyone got one and most of them stink. Over my years in beekeeping I have shared many opinions, and many of my opinions have changed over the years. Case in point is the use of Top Bar Hives. Recently I got a reply to my opinions by Dal Allan. Since writing that piece I have to admit that my opinion has changed. I asked Dal if I could use his comments on our website. He reworked some of his text for better understanding. I think it is an important read for anyone that may be considering TBH beekeeping or anyone who plans to teach a bee school session. Thank you, Dal, for sharing your comments with us. Top Bar Hives


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