State Fair 2011

State Fair 2011 Photos by Dewey M. Caron

American Honey queen with attendants Pat Swenson and Kayla Cox

Craig Nunn (wihout hat) explaining about bee hives.

Holly Gysin (from back) explaining honey filled frames with Paul Hardzinski looking on.

Holly Gysin showing brood frame, child in stroller could care less.

Holly Gysin, Paul Hardzinski, Craig Nunn - Suzi Maresh has good laugh.

Pat Swenson talking mites with former beekeeper, Or State Fair 2011.

Pat Swenson w 4H leader Kevin & Kayla & Cody.

Pat Swenson w Newberg volunteers 4H Kayla & Cody

Paul Hardzinski (back to camera), talking with Holly Gysin_ Paul Anderson & Suzi Maresh looking at Ulster Obs Hive.

Paul Hardzinski looking at frame.

Paul Hardzinski PM, Paul Anderson, TVBA, Suzi Maresh & Holly Gysin WVBA.

Paul Hardzinski, Holly Gysin and Suzi Maresh (4th from left) with lots of questions.

State Fair Bee Booth 2011 Craig Nunn volunteer.

Teresa Bryson, Am Honey Queen at OR State Fair w honey.

Teresa Bryson, Am Honey Queen w honey butter samples at ORSBA Booth.